The Journal of babette.
School Is For Pussies 04-10-06 14:24
I've been sitting in my oh so quaint dorm room for the past 24 hours doing nothing but reading and analyzing and searching the text of Othello. Along with a light dose of 200 pages of Haroun and the Sea of Stories.
I have class in an hour and 40 minutes and I want to burn my eye sockets.
But enough of that...

Has anyone heard of BME videos? By chance Mindy, Shanel and I ran into such a website and it made us cringe in pain and we don't even have the body part that was shown.
Who REEEEALLY says to themselve "lets slice open my dick with a soldering gun and i'm gonna tape it and show it everyone who stumbles on a certain site online"????
Hello, 04-10-06 14:17
My name is babette. I'm new to elowel.